Making Notes


a book of introspection and necessary conversations, mainly with yourself.

Image by Katie Harp
A message from T.R. Parker

For theLeader in You


 You may look different from me, you may be from a different time, space, and culture, but we share some of the same goals; to impact the world and leave a legacy. The time has come for your gifts, voice, and creations to be released. You are creating for the next generation. You are healing for the generations past. What are you creating? How will you be remembered?

What will be your legacy?

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What Leaders Say

Dear Leader will challenge you

You will recall your journey into leadership. You will take an unavoidable honest look at decisions you've made and have yet to make. You will face your failures, motives and intentions. You will thrive.

"Moving forward

is difficult for me"

I have, at times, become paralyzed by regret. I never talked about it aloud, because I was taught to be strong and just keep going.

Dear Leader

helped me to view my narrative of growth differently.